00386: The number of fields in <value> exceeds the limit

When sharing a web feature layer to ArcGIS Online, the number of fields is limited to 1,024. A layer in the map has more fields than are allowed for a web feature layer.


Do one of the following:

  • Hover over the analyzer message. Click the Options button Options that appears and click Select Layer In The Contents Pane. The layer with the number of fields exceeding the limit is selected. Complete the following steps to hide fields that do not need to be visible:
    1. Right-click the layer in the Contents pane and click Attribute Table.
    2. Right-click the column header and click Hide Field Hide Field. For more information, see Fields.

    Alternatively, delete fields that are not needed.

  • If you are sharing a vector tile layer or web scene layer, uncheck the Feature check box to share the web layer without the associated feature layer. The web layer will be cached locally.
  • Share the web feature layer to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal instead of ArcGIS Online.

Additional information

For more information, see Analyze your GIS resource.