00398: The server does not allow data to be copied to the site

You are sharing a web layer that copies all data, but the ArcGIS Server site is configured to prevent data from being copied when publishing.


Do one of the following:

  • Share a web layer or service that references registered data instead. You must register the data source with the server before publishing.
  • In ArcGIS Server Manager, change the data store setting to allow data to be copied to the site when publishing services. You must be an administrator to change this setting.

Additional information

By default, ArcGIS Server allows data to be copied to the site when publishing. However, an administrator may disable this setting to prevent data accumulation, or to encourage sharing web layers that reference data from registered data stores.

For more information, see Disable automatic data copying when publishing to ArcGIS Server, Manage registered data stores, and Analyze your GIS resource.