24165: Khronos glTF binary format is required for web editing

You can edit 3D object scene layers with associated 3D object feature layers in web apps if the associated feature layer includes the 3D model format Khronos Group glTF binary (.glb).


Use the Add 3D formats to Multipatch tool to add the required 3D format.

  1. In the Geoprocessing pane, search for Add 3D formats to Multipatch.
  2. Click the tool to open it and set the parameters as follows:
    • Input features—Choose the input multipatch feature class.
    • 3D formats to add—Choose Khronos group glTF binary.
    • Click Run Run.

    A 3D object feature class is created.

Additional information

The Khronos Group glTF binary (.glb) format assures fast performing editing in the web. This format is required when editing primarily in the web. If you plan to use ArcGIS Pro as your main editing client, you are not required to include the 3D format.