Verify step actions

You can use step verification to confirm that the task user has edited, created, or selected the correct number of features in a step. Step verification can furthermore check that attribute values meet specified conditions. Verifying step actions performed by task users can prevent a task from failing to run. For example, if a task uses the Merge tool to merge and attribute features, you can use step verification actions to confirm the following:

  • Before the step executes the Merge tool, verify that two or more features have been selected.
  • After the Merge tool completes, confirm that the merge completed successful by verifying that one feature is selected.

    The next step opens the Attributes window for the selected feature.

  • For the next step, confirm that the correct attribute value has been provided for the selected feature when the step completes.

Step verification can be configured before the step executes a command and when the step completes. For example:

  • Before a step executes a geoprocessing tool, step verification can check that the correct features are selected.
  • Before a step completes and moves to the next step, step verification can check that the correct number of features have been created with the correct attributes.

Add step verifications

To configure a step to verify features and attribution, click Options in the Tasks pane and click Edit In Designer:

  1. In the Tasks pane, expand the task and choose the step you want to configure.
  2. Click the Actions tab in the Task Designer pane.
  3. Click the Add Action drop-down menu under Prior to command execution or When exiting the step and choose Verification.

    You can configure multiple verifications for a single step.

  4. Choose the features to verify from the Verify number of features drop-down list.

    Features can also be verified from a saved selection.

  5. Choose the attribute table of the features to be verified from the in table drop-down list.
  6. Choose the verification condition from the meets condition drop-down list.

    You are verifying the number of features from the meets condition drop-down list. For example, Verify number of features in <Features created in this step> in table < Road centerlines> meets condition <Equal to> 1.

  7. Choose whether to apply a filter check on the attributes of the features by clicking Filter selection using expression.

    You can use a filter expression to verify that the attributes of the features being verified meet a specified condition. For example, verify that the AssetNumber field in the selected Building Footprint features is not null.

  8. Type an error message to display when the verification conditions are not met under Prevent the step from proceeding and show this error message.

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