ArcGIS Pro 3.3 API Reference Guide
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    ArcGIS.Desktop.Framework Namespace (ArcGIS.Desktop.Framework)
    In This Topic
    This namespace provides classes that support application level functionality such as access to the Panes, DockPanes, and PropertySheets.
    Class Add-in metadata.
    Class Application level properties.
    Class Retrieves components registered in a category.
    Class Represents a component registered in a category.
    Class A class that aggregates the operations of independent OperationManagers with its own and optionally filters all operations of a specified category.
    ClassThis class manages the active ArcGIS.Desktop.Framework.Contracts.DockPane instances and supplies the mechanism for instantiating new dock panes.
    Class Encapsulates the ArcGISPro application.
    Class Represents a toast style notification.
    Class The class for notification item.
    Class A class for managing notifications on a dockable window.
    Class A collection of operations that users can undo and redo.
    Class Panes collection object. This class contains all active instances of panes as well as supplying the mechanism for creating new instances of panes.
    Class A window that allows the user to view and edit the properties of an item.
    Class An implementation of ICommand.
    Interface The public interface for DAML defined controls.
    Enumeration The application's theme dictates its visual style.
    Enumeration The component type.
    Enumeration Euei's region list.
    Enumeration Toast notification severity
    EnumerationThe type of a NotificationItem.
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