An overview of the Attribute Rules toolset

The Attribute Rules toolset contains tools for managing geodatabase attribute rules. Attribute rule functionality provides a way to add custom rules and behaviour to your geodatabase data. With these geoprocessing tools you can easily incorporate attribute rules into your workflows and automate the process of adding and removing rules.

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Add Attribute Rule

Adds an attribute rule to a dataset.

Alter Attribute Rule

Alters the properties of an attribute rule.

Delete Attribute Rule

Deletes one or more attribute rules from a dataset.

Disable Attribute Rules

Disables one or more attribute rules for a dataset.

Enable Attribute Rules

Enables one or more attribute rules in a dataset

Evaluate Rules

Evaluates geodatabase rules and functionality.

Export Attribute Rules

Exports attribute rules from a dataset to a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

Import Attribute Rules

Imports attribute rules from a comma-separated values (.csv) file to a dataset.

Reorder Attribute Rule

Reorders the evaluation order of an attribute rule.

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