An overview of the Raster toolset

The Raster toolset in the Data Management toolbox contains tools that perform raster data management and raster processing. These tools allow you to work with raster dataset properties and create and process raster data.

The following table lists the toolsets in the Raster toolset and provides a brief description of each:


Mosaic Dataset

Create and edit mosaic datasets.

Ortho Mapping

Create orthorectified image mosaic from remote sensing images.

Raster Dataset

Create and mosaic raster datasets.

Raster Processing

Perform tasks to prepare raster data for use.

Raster Properties

Create, view, and edit the raster dataset properties.

An overview of the Mosaic Dataset toolset

The Mosaic Dataset toolset contains tools to manage, analyze, and display a collection of rasters.


Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset

Adds raster datasets to a mosaic dataset from various sources, including a file, folder, table, or web service.

Alter Mosaic Dataset Schema

Defines the editing operations that nonowners have when editing a mosaic dataset in an enterprise geodatabase.

Analyze Mosaic Dataset

Performs checks on a mosaic dataset for errors and possible improvements.

Build Boundary

Updates the extent of the boundary when adding new raster datasets to a mosaic dataset that extend beyond its previous coverage.

Build Footprints

Computes the extent of every raster in a mosaic dataset. This tool is used when you have added or removed raster datasets from a mosaic dataset and want to recompute the footprints.

Build Mosaic Dataset Item Cache

Inserts the Cached Raster function as the final step in all function chains within a mosaic dataset.

Build Overviews

Defines and generates overviews on a mosaic dataset.

Build Seamlines

Generate or update seamlines for your mosaic dataset. Seamlines are used to sort overlapping imagery and produce a smoother-looking mosaic.

Calculate Cell Size Ranges

Computes the visibility levels of raster datasets in a mosaic dataset based on the spatial resolution.

Clear Pixel Cache

Clears the pixel cache associated with a mosaic dataset.

Color Balance Mosaic Dataset

Color balances a mosaic dataset so that the tiles appear seamless.

Compute Dirty Area

Identifies areas within a mosaic dataset that have changed since a specified point in time. This is used commonly when a mosaic dataset is updated or synchronized, or when derived products, such as cache, need to be updated. This tool will enable you to limit such processes to only the areas that have changed.

Compute Mosaic Candidates

Finds the image candidates in a mosaic dataset that best represent the mosaic area.

Create Mosaic Dataset

Creates an empty mosaic dataset in a geodatabase.

Create Referenced Mosaic Dataset

Creates a separate mosaic dataset from items in an existing mosaic dataset.

Define Mosaic Dataset NoData

Specifies one or more values to be represented as NoData.

Define Overviews

Lets you set how mosaic dataset overviews are generated. The settings made with this tool are used by the Build Overviews tool.

Delete Mosaic Dataset

Deletes a mosaic dataset, its overviews, and its item cache from disk.

Edit Raster Function

Adds, replaces, or removes a function chain in a mosaic dataset or a raster layer that contains a raster function.

Export Mosaic Dataset Geometry

Creates a feature class showing the footprints, boundary, seamlines or spatial resolutions of a mosaic dataset.

Export Mosaic Dataset Items

Saves a copy of processed images in a mosaic dataset to a specified folder and raster file format.

Export Mosaic Dataset Paths

Creates a table of the file path for each item in a mosaic dataset. You can specify whether the table contains all the file paths or just the ones that are broken.

Generate Exclude Area

Masks pixels based on their color or by clipping a range of values. The output of this tool is used as an input to the Color Balance Mosaic Dataset tool to eliminate areas such as clouds and water that can skew the statistics used to color balance multiple images.

Generate Raster Collection

Performs batch analysis or processing on image collections contained in a mosaic dataset. The images in the input mosaic dataset can be processed individually or as groups.

Import Mosaic Dataset Geometry

Modifies the geometry for the footprints, boundary, or seamlines in a mosaic dataset to match those in a feature class.

Merge Mosaic Dataset Items

Groups multiple items in a mosaic dataset together as one item.

Mosaic Dataset To Mobile Mosaic Dataset

Converts a mosaic dataset into a mobile mosaic dataset compatible with ArcGIS Runtime SDK. A mobile mosaic dataset resides in a mobile geodatabase.

Remove Rasters From Mosaic Dataset

Removes selected rasters from a mosaic dataset.

Repair Mosaic Dataset Paths

Resets paths to source imagery if you have moved or copied a mosaic dataset.

Set Mosaic Dataset Properties

Defines the defaults for displaying a mosaic dataset and serving it as an image service.

Split Mosaic Dataset Items

Splits mosaic dataset items that were merged together using Merge Mosaic Dataset Items.

Synchronize Mosaic Dataset

Synchronizes a mosaic dataset to keep it up to date. In addition to syncing data, you can update overviews if the underlying imagery has been changed, generate new overviews and cache, and restore the original configuration of mosaic dataset items. You can also remove paths to source data with this tool. To repair paths, use the Repair Mosaic Dataset Paths tool.

An overview of the Ortho Mapping toolset

The Ortho Mapping toolset contains tools to create an orthorectified image mosaic from remote sensing images ranging from satellite images described by the Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPC) model and aerial images to UAV and UAS images.

For more information, see Ortho mapping in ArcGIS Pro.


Analyze Control Points

Analyzes the control point coverage and identifies the areas that need additional control points to improve the block adjust result.

Append Control Points

Combines control points to an existing control point table.

Apply Block Adjustment

Applies the geographic adjustments to the mosaic dataset items. This tool uses the solution table from the Compute Block Adjustments tool.

Build Stereo Model

Builds a stereo model of a mosaic dataset based on a user-provided stereo pair.

Compute Block Adjustment

Computes the adjustments to the mosaic dataset. This tool will create a solution table that can be used to apply the actual adjustments.

Compute Camera Model

Estimates the exterior camera model and interior camera model from the EXIF header of the raw image and refines the camera models. The model is then applied to the mosaic dataset with an option to use a tool-generated, high-resolution digital surface model (DSM) to achieve better orthorectification.

Compute Control Points

Creates the control points between the mosaic dataset and the reference image. The control points can then be used in conjunction with tie points to compute the adjustments for the mosaic dataset.

Compute Depth Map

Uses control points and solution points to compute a depth map for each image comprising a mosaic dataset.

Compute Fiducials

Computes the fiducial coordinates in image and film space for each image in a mosaic dataset.

Compute Tie Points

Computes the tie points between overlapped mosaic dataset items. The tie points can then be used to compute the block adjustments for the mosaic dataset.

Export Frame and Camera Parameters

Exports frame and camera parameters from a mosaic dataset that contains frame imagery.

Generate Block Adjustment Report

Generates a report after performing an ortho mapping block adjustment on a mosaic dataset. The report is useful when evaluating the quality and accuracy of the ortho mapping products.

Generate Point Cloud

Generates 3D points from stereo pairs and outputs a point cloud as a set of LAS files.

Interpolate From Point Cloud

Interpolates a digital terrain model (DTM) or a digital surface model (DSM) from a point cloud.

Match Control Points

Creates matching tie points for a given ground control point and initial tie point in one of the overlapping images.

Remove Depth Map

Removes the depth map created by running the Compute Depth Map tool.

Update Interior Orientation

Refines the interior orientation for each image in the mosaic dataset by constructing an affine transformation from a fiducial table.

An overview of the Raster Dataset toolset

The Raster Dataset toolset contains tools to copy, create, and append raster datasets. A raster dataset is the basic data model for rasters. A raster dataset is an organized array of pixels, which can have a single band or many bands.

The Raster Dataset toolset contains a tool that copies a raster dataset. A raster dataset is the basic data model for rasters. A raster dataset is an organized array of pixels, which can have a single band or many bands.


Copy Raster

Saves a copy of a raster dataset or converts a mosaic dataset into a single raster dataset.

Create Random Raster

Creates a raster dataset of random values with a distribution you define.

Create Raster Dataset

Creates an empty raster dataset.

Download Rasters

Downloads the source files from an image service or mosaic dataset.

Generate Raster From Raster Function

Generates a raster dataset from an input raster function or function chain.


Merges multiple existing raster datasets or mosaic datasets into an existing raster dataset.

Mosaic To New Raster

Merges multiple raster datasets into a new raster dataset.

Workspace To Raster Dataset

Merges all of the raster datasets in a folder into one raster dataset.

An overview of the Raster Processing toolset

The Raster Processing toolset contains tools to prepare data for analysis and display.


Clip Raster

Cuts out a portion of a raster dataset, mosaic dataset, or image service layer.

Composite Bands

Creates a single raster dataset from multiple bands.

Compute Pansharpen Weights

Calculates an optimal set of pan sharpened weights for new or custom sensor data.

Create Color Composite

Creates a three-band raster dataset from a multiband raster dataset.

Create Ortho Corrected Raster Dataset

Creates an orthocorrected raster dataset using a digital elevation model (DEM) and control data to accurately align imagery.

Create Pansharpened Raster Dataset

Combines a high-resolution panchromatic raster dataset with a lower-resolution multiband raster dataset to create a high-resolution multiband raster dataset for visual analysis.

Extract Subdataset

Creates a new raster dataset from a selection of an HDF or NITF dataset.

Generate Table From Raster Function

Converts a raster function dataset to a table or feature class. The input raster function should be a raster function designed to output a table or feature class.

Raster To DTED

Splits a raster dataset into separate files based on the DTED tiling structure.


Changes the spatial resolution of a raster dataset and sets rules for aggregating or interpolating values across the new pixel sizes.

Split Raster

Divides a raster dataset into smaller pieces, by tiles or features from a polygon.

An overview of the Raster Properties toolset

The Raster Properties toolset contains tools to create, delete, and edit the various properties of a raster dataset. A raster dataset has properties that are associated with it including color maps, pyramids, statistics, attribute tables, world files, and cell values.


Add Colormap

Adds a new color map or replaces an existing color map on a raster dataset.

Batch Build Pyramids

Builds pyramids for multiple raster datasets.

Batch Calculate Statistics

Calculates statistics for multiple raster datasets.

Build Pyramids

Builds raster pyramids for your raster dataset.

Build Pyramids And Statistics

Traverses a folder structure, building pyramids and calculating statistics for all the raster datasets it contains. It can also build pyramids and calculate statistics for all the items in a mosaic dataset.

Build Raster Attribute Table

Adds a raster attribute table to a raster dataset or updates an existing one. This is used primarily with discrete data.

Calculate Statistics

Calculates statistics for a raster dataset or a mosaic dataset.

Convert Raster Function Template

Converts a raster function template between formats (rft.xml, json, and binary).

Delete Colormap

Removes the color map associated with a raster dataset.

Delete Raster Attribute Table

Removes the raster attribute table associated with a raster dataset.

Export Raster World File

Creates a world file based on the pixel size and the location of the upper left pixel.

Get Cell Value

Retrieves the value of a given pixel using its x, y coordinates.

Get Raster Properties

Retrieves information from the metadata and descriptive statistics about a raster dataset.

Set Raster Properties

Sets the data type, statistics, and NoData values on a raster or mosaic dataset.

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