Iterate Field Values (ModelBuilder)


Iterates each value in a field.

Learn how Iterate Field Values works in ModelBuilder


  • This tool is only available from ModelBuilder for use in models. The tool is not available from the Geoprocessing pane or from Python.

  • The output of the tool is a variable named Value that contains the value of the field. This variable can be used in inline variable substitution (%Value%).

  • The Data Type parameter specifies the data type of the output variable. The default data type is string; however, depending on how the output will be used in the model, other data types can be specified. For example, if your field contains the path to a feature class, you can set the Data Type parameter to Feature Class and use the output variable as input to a tool that accepts a feature class.

  • If an iterator is added to a model, all tools in the model iterate for each value in the iterator. If you do not want to run each tool in the model for each iterated value, create a submodel, model within a model, or nested model that contains only the iterator and add it as a model tool to the main model.


LabelExplanationData Type
Input Table

The input table to be iterated.

Table View; Raster Layer

The input field for iteration.

Data Type

Specifies the data type of the output value. The default data type is string; however, depending on how the output will be used in the model, other data types can be specified. For example, if your field contains the path to a feature class, you can set this parameter to Feature Class and use the output variable as input to a tool that accepts a feature class.

  • 3D Object Feature Layer3D Object Feature Layer
  • 3D Tiles Layer3D Tiles Layer
  • Address LocatorAddress Locator
  • Analysis Cell SizeAnalysis Cell Size
  • Annotation LayerAnnotation Layer
  • Any ValueAny Value
  • ArcMap DocumentArcMap Document
  • Areal UnitAreal Unit
  • BIM File WorkspaceBIM File Workspace
  • BooleanBoolean
  • Building Discipline LayerBuilding Discipline Layer
  • Building Scene Discipline LayerBuilding Scene Discipline Layer
  • Building LayerBuilding Layer
  • Building Scene LayerBuilding Scene Layer
  • CAD Drawing DatasetCAD Drawing Dataset
  • Calculator ExpressionCalculator Expression
  • Catalog LayerCatalog Layer
  • Catalog RootCatalog Root
  • Cell SizeCell Size
  • Cell Size XYCell Size XY
  • Composite LayerComposite Layer
  • CompressionCompression
  • Coordinate SystemCoordinate System
  • Coordinate Systems FolderCoordinate Systems Folder
  • CoverageCoverage
  • Coverage Feature ClassCoverage Feature Class
  • Data ElementData Element
  • Data FileData File
  • Database ConnectionsDatabase Connections
  • DatasetDataset
  • DateDate
  • dBASE TabledBASE Table
  • DecimateDecimate
  • Diagram LayerDiagram Layer
  • Dimension LayerDimension Layer
  • Disk ConnectionDisk Connection
  • DoubleDouble
  • Elevation Surface LayerElevation Surface Layer
  • Encrypted StringEncrypted String
  • EnvelopeEnvelope
  • Evaluation ScaleEvaluation Scale
  • ExtentExtent
  • Extract ValuesExtract Values
  • Feature ClassFeature Class
  • Feature DatasetFeature Dataset
  • Feature LayerFeature Layer
  • Feature SetFeature Set
  • FieldField
  • Field InfoField Info
  • Field MappingsField Mappings
  • FileFile
  • FolderFolder
  • Formulated RasterFormulated Raster
  • Fuzzy FunctionFuzzy Function
  • GeoDataServerGeoDataServer
  • GeodatasetGeodataset
  • Geometric NetworkGeometric Network
  • Geostatistical LayerGeostatistical Layer
  • Geostatistical Search NeighborhoodGeostatistical Search Neighborhood
  • Geostatistical Value TableGeostatistical Value Table
  • GlobeServerGlobeServer
  • GPServerGPServer
  • GraphGraph
  • Graph Data TableGraph Data Table
  • Graphics LayerGraphics Layer
  • Group LayerGroup Layer
  • Horizontal FactorHorizontal Factor
  • Image ServiceImage Service
  • IndexIndex
  • INFO ExpressionINFO Expression
  • INFO ItemINFO Item
  • INFO TableINFO Table
  • Internet Tiled LayerInternet Tiled Layer
  • KML LayerKML Layer
  • LAS DatasetLAS Dataset
  • LAS Dataset LayerLAS Dataset Layer
  • LayerLayer
  • Layer FileLayer File
  • LayoutLayout
  • LineLine
  • Linear UnitLinear Unit
  • LongLong
  • M DomainM Domain
  • MapMap
  • Map ServerMap Server
  • Map Server LayerMap Server Layer
  • Mosaic DatasetMosaic Dataset
  • Mosaic LayerMosaic Layer
  • NeighborhoodNeighborhood
  • Network Analyst Class FieldMapNetwork Analyst Class FieldMap
  • Network Analyst Hierarchy SettingsNetwork Analyst Hierarchy Settings
  • Network Analyst LayerNetwork Analyst Layer
  • Network Data SourceNetwork Data Source
  • Network DatasetNetwork Dataset
  • Network Dataset LayerNetwork Dataset Layer
  • Network Travel ModeNetwork Travel Mode
  • Oriented Imagery LayerOriented Imagery Layer
  • Parcel FabricParcel Fabric
  • Parcel Fabric for ArcMapParcel Fabric for ArcMap
  • Parcel Fabric Layer for ArcMapParcel Fabric Layer for ArcMap
  • Parcel LayerParcel Layer
  • PointPoint
  • PolygonPolygon
  • Projection FileProjection File
  • PyramidPyramid
  • RadiusRadius
  • Random Number GeneratorRandom Number Generator
  • Raster BandRaster Band
  • Raster Calculator ExpressionRaster Calculator Expression
  • Raster CatalogRaster Catalog
  • Raster Catalog LayerRaster Catalog Layer
  • Raster Data LayerRaster Data Layer
  • Raster DatasetRaster Dataset
  • Raster LayerRaster Layer
  • Raster StatisticsRaster Statistics
  • Raster TypeRaster Type
  • Record SetRecord Set
  • Relationship ClassRelationship Class
  • RemapRemap
  • ReportReport
  • Route Measure Event PropertiesRoute Measure Event Properties
  • Scene LayerScene Layer
  • SemivariogramSemivariogram
  • ServerConnectionServerConnection
  • ShapefileShapefile
  • Spatial ReferenceSpatial Reference
  • SQL ExpressionSQL Expression
  • StringString
  • String HiddenString Hidden
  • TableTable
  • Table ViewTable View
  • Terrain LayerTerrain Layer
  • Text FileText File
  • Tile SizeTile Size
  • Time ConfigurationTime Configuration
  • Time UnitTime Unit
  • TIN LayerTIN Layer
  • ToolTool
  • ToolboxToolbox
  • Topo FeaturesTopo Features
  • TopologyTopology
  • Topology LayerTopology Layer
  • Trace NetworkTrace Network
  • Trace Network LayerTrace Network Layer
  • Trajectory LayerTrajectory Layer
  • Transformation FunctionTransformation Function
  • Utility NetworkUtility Network
  • Utility Network LayerUtility Network Layer
  • VariantVariant
  • Vector Tile LayerVector Tile Layer
  • Vertical FactorVertical Factor
  • Voxel LayerVoxel Layer
  • VPF CoverageVPF Coverage
  • VPF TableVPF Table
  • WCS CoverageWCS Coverage
  • Weighted Overlay TableWeighted Overlay Table
  • Weighted SumWeighted Sum
  • WMS MapWMS Map
  • WMTS LayerWMTS Layer
  • WorkspaceWorkspace
  • XY DomainXY Domain
  • Z DomainZ Domain
Unique Values

Specifies whether iteration values will be based on unique values.

  • Checked—The iteration values will be based on the unique value of the specified field.
  • Unchecked—The iteration will run for each record in the input table.
Skip Null Values

Specifies whether null values in the field will be skipped.

  • Checked—Null values in the field will be skipped during selection.
  • Unchecked—Null values in the field will not be skipped during selection.
Null Value

The value that will be used to replace null values in the field, such as -9999, Null, or -1. The default for string fields is "" and 0 for numeric fields.


Derived Output

LabelExplanationData Type

The field value returned by each iteration.

Any Value


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

Licensing information

  • Basic: Yes
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes

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