An overview of the Reality Mapping toolbox

Available for an ArcGIS organization with the ArcGIS Reality license.

The Reality Mapping toolbox contains tools that manage and generate true orthos, digital surface models (DSM), 2.5D and 3D meshes, and point cloud products from adjusted imagery collected by drone and digital aerial sensors.


To access Reality Mapping tools, you must have an ArcGIS Desktop Standard license and an ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro license.


Analyze Control Points

Analyzes the control point coverage and identifies the areas that need additional control points to improve the block adjust result.

Append Control Points

Combines control points to an existing control point table.

Apply Block Adjustment

Applies the geographic adjustments to the mosaic dataset items. This tool uses the solution table from the Compute Block Adjustments tool.

Compute Block Adjustment

Computes the adjustments to the mosaic dataset. This tool will create a solution table that can be used to apply the actual adjustments.

Compute Camera Model

Estimates the exterior camera model and interior camera model from the EXIF header of the raw image and refines the camera models. The model is then applied to the mosaic dataset with an option to use a tool-generated, high-resolution digital surface model (DSM) to achieve better orthorectification.

Compute Control Points

Creates the control points between the mosaic dataset and the reference image. The control points can then be used in conjunction with tie points to compute the adjustments for the mosaic dataset.

Compute Depth Map

Computes a more accurate CenterZ field value based on the depth map for each image comprising a mosaic dataset. Control points and solution points are used to compute a depth map for each image comprising a mosaic dataset to improve image-to-ground (map) transformation, especially in high oblique cases.

Compute Tie Points

Computes the tie points between overlapped mosaic dataset items. The tie points can then be used to compute the block adjustments for the mosaic dataset.

Export Frame And Camera Parameters

Exports frame and camera parameters from a mosaic dataset that contains frame imagery.

Generate Block Adjustment Report

Generates a report after performing a Reality mapping block adjustment on a mosaic dataset. The report is useful when evaluating the quality and accuracy of the Reality mapping products.

Match Control Points

Creates matching tie points for a given ground control point and initial tie point in one of the overlapping images.

Reconstruct Surface

Generates a digital surface model (DSM), true orthos, DSM meshes, 3D meshes, and point clouds from adjusted imagery.

Remove Depth Map

Removes the depth map created by running the Compute Depth Map tool.

Reality Mapping tools