002067: Disjoint subnetwork was discovered <value>.


A disjoint subnetwork was discovered while executing Update Subnetwork. The specific subnetwork name or names will be listed following the error text.

Learn more about disjoint subnetworks


Review the network properties for the specific tier the subnetwork resides in to see if it supports disjoint subnetworks.

  • If disjoint subnetworks are expected, have the utility network administrator enable support for disjoint subnetworks in the subnetwork definition of the tier.
  • If disjoint subnetworks are not supported, make edits in the network to ensure that the subnetwork controllers are traversable, or make changes to the subnetwork name for one of the subnetwork controllers in the Modify Subnetwork Controllers pane.

    View the Subnetworks table and sort by the Subnetwork name column. Inspect features set as subnetwork controllers using the subnetwork name mentioned in the error and ensure that they are traversable.