002102: The input layer uses one or more layer properties that are not supported in the scene layer.


Scene layers support a subset of layer properties available in ArcGIS Pro. This error occurs when the input layer contains any of the following:

  • Unsupported symbology properties
    • Unique value renderer with the length field, the area field, or multiple fields
    • Chart symbology
    • Dot density
    • Custom symbology using Arcade expressions
    • Procedural symbol layer
    • Dictionary symbology
  • Unsupported symbol properties
    • 3D model markers that are not displayed in real-world units
    • Rotation using random orientation, an expression, or a field for Tilt (X) or Roll (Y)
    • Color using an expression
    • Size using an expression or random value
  • Unsupported layer properties
    • Multipatch layer whose height is derived from a ground surface
    • Transparency using an expression


Change the input layer properties to remove the unsupported elements.