003233: Graphics storage limit exceeded. Limit is 4000 elements or total size of 10 MB.


The per-map graphics storage limit has been exceeded. The maximum number of elements allowed in a graphics layer is 4,000, and the maximum layer size allowed is 10 MB.


Convert fewer features or labels to graphics.

To convert fewer labels to graphics, do one of the following:

  • Convert a single layer instead of the entire map.
  • Convert a smaller extent.
  • Create an SQL query to label fewer features.

Alternatively, you can convert the labels to geodatabase annotation.

To convert fewer features to graphics, do one of the following:

  • Use the Select tool to select fewer than 4,000 features to convert at a time.
  • Copy features to another layer, and convert the layers individually.
  • Create an SQL query to include fewer features in the conversion.
  • Use a geoprocessing tool, such as the Dissolve tool, to consolidate similar features.