003713: One or more of the parallel processing instances that was creating the cache tiles has failed.


One or more processes failed during tile creation. Any resulting packages may be incomplete.


Cache generation can fail due to various reasons. One of the following solutions might resolve this error.

  • Ensure that the machine has enough memory resources for cache generation to succeed. Labelling, cartographic, or raster components may require additional RAM to render the map content. Reduce the Parallel Processing Factor environment to 50% to help alleviate the resource usage.
  • The disk where output is being written may not have sufficient disk space. Packaging the tile content requires that a copy of tile content is created in a zip archive. Choose an output folder on a disk that has at least twice the disk space of the tile content.
  • Ensure that the data is accessible to the ArcGIS Pro process during the cache generation and that the necessary fonts are available.