Work with Python packages

Manage third-party Python packages within ArcGIS Pro using the Python Package Manager. You can use the Python Package Manager to view, update, install, or uninstall packages. A new or updated package can be immediately used within ArcGIS Pro.


Modifying the ArcGIS Pro default Python environment (arcgispro-py3) is not advisable and may result in unintended consequences. It is recommended that you only modify a cloned environment.


Installing and upgrading packages will update current packages and may install extra packages.

The Python Package Manager will not modify the default arcgispro-py3 environment. This is to prevent unintended consequences. When arcgispro-py3 is the active environment, the Install, Update, Update All, and Uninstall buttons are unavailable. To update, install, or remove packages, first clone then activate a new environment or add and activate a valid environment.

View installed packages

To see the currently installed packages, click the Installed Packages tab. All third-party Python packages installed with ArcGIS Pro and any libraries you added are listed.

Update outdated packages

Over time, Python packages will become out of date. To update packages, click the Update Packages tab to see available updates. To update a single package, click the package and click the Update button. To update all packages, click the Update All button. Some packages are pinned to a specific version and cannot be updated; these packages do not appear in the list even when updates are available.

Install available packages

Click the Add Packages button to see the available Python packages that are compatible with your Python environment. By default, the latest version of each package is shown, but you can also access earlier versions by clicking the version number in the Version column. To install a Python package, click the package name in the Name column, change the version if necessary, and click the Install button.

Remove installed packages

You can uninstall any packages you add, but packages required by ArcGIS Pro are pinned and cannot be altered or removed. To uninstall a package, click the Uninstall button for the package.

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