Converts a coordinate system notation string to a PointGeometry object in WGS84 coordinates.


To create a coordinate system notation string, use the PointGeometry object's toCoordString method.


FromCoordString (string, notation)
ParamètreExplicationType de données

The input coordinates.


The coordinate system notation of the input string.

  • DD Decimal degrees. For example, 34.05719570N 117.19647020W
  • DDM Degrees decimal minutes. For example, 34 03.43174200N 117 11.78821200W
  • DMS Degree Minute Seconds. For example, 34 03 25.90452000N 117 11 47.29272000W
  • GARS Global Area Reference System. Based on latitude and longitude, it divides and subdivides the world into cells. For example, 126LJ47
  • GEOREF World Geographic Reference System. For example, EJCE4821203432
  • MGRS Military Grid Reference System. For example, 11SMT8186968515
  • USNG United States National Grid. For example, 11S MT 81869 68515
  • UTM Universal Transverse Mercator. For example, 11S 481868 3768515
  • UTMNS Universal Transverse Mercator (no spaces). For example, 11N4818683768515
Valeur renvoyée
Type de donnéesExplication

A PointGeometry object with a coordinate system of WGS84 (wkid=4326).

Exemple de code

FromCoordString example

Create a PointGeometry object from a United States National Grid string.

import arcpy
coord_string = '14S PB 59361 43195'
point_geometry = arcpy.FromCoordString(coord_string, 'USNG')

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