Image Analysis classes

Image Analysis classes are used primarily for defining raster data used with Image Analysis operators and functions. The following table includes the classes available with the Image Analysis module:



Performs measurements on an image with a sensor model, which includes the geometric sensor model and the appropriate metadata (Image Support Data) that is supplied with the image. The supported types of measurements include point, distance or length, area, and feature height.


Defines a group or block of pixels to include for raster processing. The PixelBlockCollection object is made up of one or more PixelBlock objects.


Establishes read-only access to all pixel blocks from a raster or list of rasters.


Creates a raster object that can be used in Python or in a Map algebra expression. A raster object is a variable that references a raster dataset.


Defines the group of input rasters and attributes to include in a collection that will be used for processing.


Defines a RasterInfo object that describes a set of raster properties to facilitate the creation of a raster dataset using the Raster class.

Along with the classes available in the arcpy.ia module, you can use other classes from ArcPy or other modules in your Python scripts to accomplish your workflows.