Get started with ArcGIS Aviation Airports

Disponible avec une licence Aviation Airports.

With ArcGIS Aviation Airports, you can make more informed decisions using airport basemaps, 3D visualizations, and operations support content.

ArcGIS Aviation Airports includes the following:

Automation of quality control

ArcGIS Aviation Airports contains tools that use preconfigured data quality checks that support domestic and international industry standards. These tools automatically run data checks to help ensure data is accurate and compliant.

Management of data

With ArcGIS Aviation Airports, you can support FAA and international data standards. You can extend the geodatabase to meet current and future airport business requirements.

Specifications supported by ArcGIS Aviation Airports

Product files that support the specifications are available from My Esri as an additional ArcGIS Pro download under Data and content.


The ArcGIS Aviation Airports extension is available for ArcGIS Pro 2.0 and later.

You need the ArcGIS Pro Standard level to use this extension. The ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension license is required if you are working with LAS data. For a list of the tools and licensing levels required to run them, refer to the ArcGIS Aviation licensing page.

Additional resources

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