Configure office hotels for Indoors mobile apps

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Office hotels are spaces or areas that workers can schedule for temporary use for a few days or weeks. As an alternative to the traditional permanently assigned spaces, this approach allows an organization to efficiently manage space and reduce costs as a result.

ArcGIS Indoors includes Indoor Space Planner, which allows you to plan the activity of occupants in indoor space, including assigning people to individual spaces, or to activity-based work areas known as hotels. You can book office hotels through Indoor Viewer or the Indoors mobile apps, and reservations are managed through Microsoft 365.

The following steps must be completed to configure office hotels:

Add layers

Your organization needs to have the web map that was prepared and shared for use in Space Planner.

Complete the following steps to prepare your map for office hotels:

  1. Open your Indoors project in ArcGIS Pro and activate the map prepared for Indoors mobile apps.
  2. Add or source the People layer in the map from the People feature layer that is associated with the Space Planner web map.
  3. Source the Units layer from the Units feature layer that is associated with the same Space Planner web map.
  4. Add the Areas table from the feature layer that is associated with the same Space Planner web map.
  5. Save your project.

If you're using an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, make sure the layers are sourced from the default version. All changes made to the plans in Space Planner are merged to that version.

Add email IDs and configure office hotels

Your organization will need to have resource mailboxes in Microsoft 365 for each space that can be reserved so a unique email address is associated with that space.


Ensure that the scheduling options, in particular the maximum duration, are set based on the needs of your organization.

Complete the following steps to associate units with email IDs:

  1. Right-click the Units layer and click Attribute Table.

    You can filter the records to show only the rows with a hotel value as the ASSIGNMENT_TYPE using the following: ASSIGNMENT_TYPE = "Hotel".

  2. Update SCHEDULE_EMAIL with the unique email IDs for each hotel unit.
  3. Click the Edit tab.
  4. In the Manage Edits group, click Save.

    Make sure the USE_TYPE column has appropriate values or each hotel unit. These values are presented as options when booking workspaces.

  5. Save your project.
  6. Create and share the mobile map package.

    Alternatively, you can share the mobile map package to reference online content.

A Hotel button appears in the quick access bar on Indoors mobile apps for maps that have office hotels configured. The Book button appears on the info card of the selected office hotel unit, and it can be used to complete the booking process.


You will need to sign in to your Microsoft account in the ArcGIS Indoors for Android or ArcGIS Indoors for iOS mobile app to book office hotels.