Enrich Layer (Business Analyst)

Available with Business Analyst license.


Enriches data by adding demographic and landscape facts about the people and places that surround or are inside data locations.


  • Enrich Layer uses detailed aggregation and apportionment settings to summarize data.
  • This tool will consume credits if ArcGIS Online is set as the Business Analyst Data Source.


Enrich data


  • Input point features must have an associated boundary polygon to enrich.

  • The Output Feature Class is a duplicate of the Input Features with additional attribute fields.

  • The demographic and landscape information can come from ArcGIS Online or locally installed Business Analyst data.

  • You must be signed in to ArcGIS Online or have Business Analyst Data installed.

  • The output is a copy of all features and attributes and features from the input with selected attributes appended.

  • Business Analyst Data, used in summarizations and reports, is specified through the geoprocessing Data Source environment setting.

  • If connected to ArcGIS Online, Enrich Layer supports dynamic travel modes when using points as input features. Travel modes are used to build polygons, such as drive times or walk times, and are then enriched with data. For more information, see Travel modes in the Network Analyst help.

  • Statistical data collections (custom data) and custom calculations are supported.


EnrichLayer(in_features, out_feature_class, variables, {buffer_type}, {distance}, {unit})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The features to be enriched.

Feature Layer

New layer containing both the input attributes and user-selected attributes. User-selected attributes are summarized from underlying demographic boundaries. Only the area inside the input boundary is considered.

Feature Class

One or more variables to be summarized and added to the output feature class.


Specifies how the enriched area will be defined. The default value is Straight Line.

When connected to ArcGIS Online, travel mode options are dynamically populated. Input line features can only use the Straight Line distance.


The distance or size of an area to enrich, for example, a 1-mile buffer or 5-minute walk time. Units correspond to the polygon type. The default value is 1.


The units associated with the Distance or time parameter. The default value is Kilometers.


Code sample

EnrichLayer example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the EnrichLayer function.

import arcpy
arcpy.env.baDataSource = "ONLINE;US;"
arcpy.ba.EnrichLayer("TradeArea75pct", r"C:\Temp\Output.gdb\Trade_Area75_Enriched", "populationtotals.totpop_cy", None, 1, None)
EnrichLayer with Statistical Data Collection variable example (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the EnrichLayer function with Statistical Data Collection variables.

import arcpy
arcpy.env.baDataSource = "USA_ESRI_2018"
arcpy.ba.EnrichLayer("TradeArea1", "TradeArea1_Enrich", r" C:\Users\<USER ID>\Documents\ArcGIS\Projects\My_Project\BayArea_ProprietaryData.sdcx/sales_s01_sales", None, 1, None)

Licensing information

  • Basic: Limited
  • Standard: Limited
  • Advanced: Limited

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