An overview of the Parcel toolbox

The Parcel toolbox contains tools to create, administer and load data into parcel fabrics.


Analyze Parcels By Least Squares Adjustment

Analyzes the parcel fabric measurement network by running a least-squares adjustment on the input parcels. A least-squares adjustment is a mathematical procedure that uses statistical analysis to estimate the most likely coordinates for connected points in a measurement network. A least-squares adjustment can be run on the parcel fabric to evaluate and improve spatial accuracy of parcel corner point locations.

Append Parcels

Appends parcels from an input parcel fabric to a target parcel fabric. If the input parcel fabric is a parcel fabric layer with selected polygons, the corresponding parcel features will be appended.

Apply Parcel Least Squares Adjustment

Applies the results of a least squares adjustment to parcel fabric feature classes. Least squares adjustment results stored in the AdjustmentLines and AdjustmentPoints feature classes are applied to the corresponding parcel line, connection line, and parcel fabric point feature classes.

Build Parcel Fabric

Builds parcels in a parcel fabric. Parcels can be built from polygons or lines. If parcels are built from polygons, the tool creates parcel lines and parcel points. If parcels are built from lines, the tool creates the missing polygons and points. When building parcels from lines, parcel seeds are required.

Copy Parcels

Copies parcels from an input parcel fabric to a new parcel fabric in a new feature dataset.

Generate Parcel Fabric Links

Generates displacement links for parcel fabric points that have changed locations in a specified time period.

Import Parcel Fabric Points

Imports point data from a source point feature class into the parcel fabric points feature class. Parcel fabric points that match or lie within a proximity tolerance of the source points will be updated with the imported point data. If the source points layer has a selection, only the selected point information will be imported.

Merge Collinear Parcel Boundaries

Merges connected collinear parcel lines into a single parcel line. Shared parcel fabric points between connected collinear lines are deleted and vertices are created in their place.

Validate Parcel Fabric

Validates a parcel fabric against a predefined set of geodatabase topology rules, and any additional topology rules you have added for your organization.



The Administration toolset contains tools that are used to create, configure, and administer a parcel fabric. The toolset also contains a tool that is used to upgrade an ArcMap parcel fabric.

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