Add a new report to your project

The information displayed in a report comes directly from geographic data attribute information or from a stand-alone table. Adding a report to your project creates a report view for designing and editing a report. As with other project items, you manage reports from the Catalog pane.

Use the Create New Report pane to customize the fields, structure, and design of the report. Click Next to move through each step of the creation process. At any time, you can click Finish to accept the default values and create the report. The following options are available:


Set the data source

Name the report and select the data source.

Filter the data

Specify the fields and rows to use in the report.

Organize the data

Add field grouping, sorting, and summary statistics to the report.

Design the report

Change the report template, styling, page size, and orientation.

To add a new report to a project, do the following:

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Project group, click New Report New Report to open the Create New Report pane.

    Optionally, right-click a layer in the Contents pane and click New Report New Report to open the pane and have the report's data source set directly.

  2. In the Create New Report pane, review or update Report Name and Data Source.
  3. Click Next to filter the data and specify the fields in the report.
  4. Set the data filtering by choosing an option from the Rows menu:
  5. Click Next to optionally group data and add sorting rules.

    By default, grouping is ascending in order. Summary statistics (count, minimum, maximum, sum, mean, and standard deviation) can be added.

  6. Click Next to design the report template, styling, and page setup.

    Page setup options include page units, size, and orientation. You can also create custom page sizes or select a page size from a printer.

  7. Click Finish to create the report view.

    If a field included in the report was removed from the data source at any time during this process, the report is automatically updated and you are notified at this time.

The report view opens. The Report tab is active on the ribbon, and the Contents pane reflects the list of sections in the report. Select a subsection to interact with and edit.

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