Set the data source

The information displayed in a report comes directly from geographic data attribute information or from a stand-alone table.

Set the data source in the Create New Report pane

You must define the data source of a report in the Create New Report pane to create a report.

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Project group, click New Report New Report to open the Create New Report pane.
  2. In the Create New Report pane, review or update the Report Name field.
  3. Click the Browse button Browse to browse to the data source. Click OK.
  4. Click Next to set the Filter the data options, or click Finish to generate the report view using the current configuration.

Alter the report source in the Report Properties dialog box

You can change the underlying data source of a report after it has been created on the Report Properties dialog box.


  • When you change the data source of a report, an identical schema is required. If a report field does not exist in the new schema, that field appears blank when viewed.
  • If you change the main data source, any related report may no longer exist and the related records won't be exported when you share the report.

  1. Right-click the report title and select Properties.
  2. On the Source tab, next to Data source, click the Change data source button Browse to change the underlying data source.
  3. For Rows, choose either All rows or Filter by expression.
  4. Click OK to apply this change.

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