Add pathways to floor plan data

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the IPS extension.

Pathways represent a predefined routing network and are used by ArcGIS IPS to snap the user's location indicator to Pathways line features that are IPS-enabled for improved positioning accuracy. You can use existing pathways created using tools available in ArcGIS Indoors or add new pathway features to floor plan data.

Use existing ArcGIS Indoors pathway features

Complete the following steps to use an existing Pathways feature class from the Indoors model:

  1. In the Contents pane, right-click the Pathways layer and click Attribute Table.
  2. Select all the features in the Pathways table that you want to use for path snapping and set the IPS field value to True.

    If the Pathways network is too dense, with many features spreading out along the traversable areas, select only those features that best represent optimal moving trajectories and routes in your facility.


    If you update existing IPS-enabled pathways in the Indoors network, the IPS field value may not be retained and may need to be set to True again.

You can now prepare a map for IPS.

Create pathway features

If you do not have pathway features created with Indoors tools, complete the following steps to create pathway features:

  1. Open the ArcGIS Pro project that contains your floor plan data.
  2. Add the Pathways feature class to the map.
  3. On the Edit tab in the Features group, click Create Create Features.

    The Create Features pane appears and lists the feature templates defined for the active map.

  4. In the Create Features pane, click the Pathways feature template.

    The Pathways template expands, showing the tool palette.

  5. On the Pathways template, click Active template Open the active template pane.

    The tool palette and the feature attribute table for the Pathways template appear.

  6. In the attribute table, set the field values as follows:


    Facility ID

    The facility ID of the facility feature in which the pathways are located

    Vertical Order

    The display order of the floor in the IPS


    Vertical Order uses a zero (0)-based ordering system to define the floor order, with the ground level of each facility represented as zero (0) and subsequent positive values representing floors above ground, while negative values represent floors below ground. Vertical Order values must be continuous and cannot skip a value in the sequence.



  7. In the Create Features pane, click Line Line to create a line feature.
  8. Draw the line along traversable areas designated for IPS, as shown in the example below.

    Example of creating a pathway line feature

  9. Add more pathways as necessary.

    If the building has multiple floors, change the Vertical Order field value to match the vertical order of the level on which the pathways are located each time you create a pathway. Create pathways for each floor designated for IPS.

  10. Save your edits.

You can now prepare a map for IPS.

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