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Utility network upgrade history

To keep a utility network current with the latest functionality, an upgrade may be necessary. This applies schema changes to the utility network dataset, network feature classes, and other related geodatabase objects. Use the Upgrade Dataset tool to perform the upgrade.

See Utility network dataset administration for more information about the upgrade process.

An upgrade of the utility network dataset is only needed when there are schema changes in the information model. The version of the ArcGIS Pro client determines if an upgrade is needed for the utility network dataset. The upgrade process will increment the Utility Network Release number. Keep in mind that not every ArcGIS Pro release requires an upgrade of the utility network.

Reference the table below to determine if an upgrade is required for the utility network dataset based on the version of ArcGIS Pro and the Utility Network Release for the utility network dataset:

ArcGIS Pro releaseUtility Network Release











Corresponding ArcGIS Pro and Utility Network Release versions


The Utility Network Release can be viewed in the General section of the network properties.

Upgrade to Utility Network Release 3

When upgrading a utility network to Utility Network Release 3, the following changes occur:

  • A new system-provided network attribute is added to the utility network. Flow direction is a hidden system-provided network attribute that is stored In Line; it will be used to support future work with flow direction.

Upgrade to Utility Network Release 2

When upgrading a utility network to Utility Network Release 2, the following changes occur:

  • A new code and description are added to the system-provided attribute domain IsConnected to represent the default state for newly created features (2:unknown).
  • The default value for the IsConnected field changes from True to Unknown.
  • The Container Split Policy property is added to the association role for containers.
  • The split policy for the following system-provided attribute domains changes from default to duplicate:
    • IsConnected
    • AssociationStatus
    • TerminalNames
  • The code and description are added to the system-provided attribute domain Dirty areas to represent dirty areas generated from error features (3:error).
  • Rules using an asterisk (*) for asset type or terminals will be expanded so that each combination is explicitly represented as an individual rule. The current configuration state of the utility network is used to expand the existing rules using asterisks, and the newly generated rules will be visible in the Network Properties tab.
  • The parent subnetwork column is removed from the subnetworks table.
  • The diagram templates are no longer versioned since the related table is now non-versioned.


Utility networks that were created using ArcGIS Pro 2.1 are not fully 3D enabled; this includes utility networks that are upgraded. It is recommended to work with a utility network that has full 3D capabilities for dirty areas and error feature management. To learn more, see How To: Ensure a utility network is fully 3D enabled.