Citrix on-premises VDI Overview

Citrix provides an on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that can deliver ArcGIS Pro with a powerful user experience.

Citrix XenDesktop is designed to deliver a shared or pass-through graphics processing unit (GPU) that can be utilized by a VM to support DirectX and OpenGL graphics capability. This support allows the VM the capability to process DirectX or OpenGL calls generated by ArcGIS Pro on a GPU instead of the CPU.

The virtualization server must have an NVIDIA GPU and be properly configured to utilize the GPU. Below are important topics to install ArcGIS Pro on a Citrix on-premises VDI deployment.

Prerequisite VDI Knowledge

Understanding your organization, its users, and the software you are intending to deploy is important to architecting a successful VDI deployment. The Citrix VDI Handbook and Best Practices is essential to understanding the Citrix deployment methodology of "Define, Assess, Design, Deploy, and Monitor" and provides the tools needed to succeed in your VDI deployment.

Selecting the server hardware

ArcGIS Pro relies on GPU-enabled hardware to provide an acceptable user experience in a virtual environment. Selecting the correct server hardware that is compatible for delivering ArcGIS Pro is important. To ensure that the server you intend to purchase is compatible with an NVIDIA GRID GPU, see NVIDIA GRID Certified Servers.

Selecting a GPU

GPUs are essential for the delivery of ArcGIS Pro. Selecting the correct GPU or GPUs is dependent on the type of server (blade or rack), the ArcGIS Pro workloads that need to be supported, and the VM or server density. To determine what type of GPU is best for your VDI deployment, see NVIDIA Virtual GPU.

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