ArcGIS Pro on Amazon Web Services

ArcGIS Pro can be used from Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environments. In the AWS environment, the Workspaces Graphics Bundle instance type should be used. The WorkSpaces Graphics Bundle instance offers an NVIDIA GPU to deliver the necessary GPU support needed by ArcGIS Pro to provide a rich user experience. The GPU used in the WorkSpaces Graphics Bundle instance is passed through to the instance, it is not shared. This provides the capability to successfully support graphics rendering in ArcGIS Pro.

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If you have an Amazon account with the proper access, you can create workspaces.

The creation of a WorkSpaces Graphics Bundle instance is basically the same as the steps for Launch WorkSpaces in the Amazon Console. It is important to note that from the console, you can set up various options or bundles. However, to get the best rendering performance from ArcGIS Pro, you need the WorkSpaces Graphics bundle with Windows 10. Once your WorkSpaces instance setup is complete, download and connect to Amazon WorkSpaces Client.

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