Convert Named User licenses to Concurrent Use

As a software license administrator, you can convert ArcGIS Pro licenses acquired through ArcGIS Desktop to Concurrent Use licenses if the corresponding ArcGIS Desktop license is Concurrent Use. Licenses are converted in My Esri. ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses that are acquired as GIS Professional user types or as add-on licenses can't be converted to Concurrent Use licenses.

  1. Sign in to My Esri with your Esri account credentials.

    At the top of the page, the Overview tab is selected. Your organization profile is displayed.

  2. Click the Licensing tab and click Additional Licensing Tools.

    If you don’t see the Licensing tab, you don't have permission to convert licenses. On the Overview tab, on the Organization Profile tab, you can ask your organization contact for assistance.

  3. On the Additional Licensing Tools tab, click the Convert ArcGIS Pro Named Users tab.
  4. Under Step 1: Select License, find the product you want to convert.

    Use the search box to filter products by name or other properties. Click a column heading to sort by a property.

    In this example, there are 50 ArcGIS Pro Basic Named User licenses. In the License Type column, the license type is Concurrent Use. The Named User licenses will be converted to Concurrent Use licenses.

    ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses in My Esri


    The version number and license type describe the ArcGIS Desktop license. You can only convert ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses to the type of ArcGIS Desktop license through which they were acquired.

  5. For the product you want to convert, in the Actions column, click Convert.
  6. Under Step 2: Convert Licenses, in the Quantity box, enter the number of licenses to convert.

    In this example, five Named User licenses will be converted to Concurrent Use licenses.

    Five Named User licenses are specified as the quantity to be converted.

  7. Click Convert Licenses.
  8. Read the License Cancellation Terms message. If you accept the terms, click I accept these terms.

    When the licenses are converted, a message appears at the top of the page.

    Successful conversion message

    You will receive an email from My Esri with the authorization number and information about the next steps to authorize the licenses. Only one authorization number is generated for your Concurrent Use licenses. If you convert more Named User licenses at another time, they will have the same authorization number as this one.

    Optionally, you can create a license file. A license file writes the authorization number or numbers to a file with the extension .prvs. During the authorization process, you can use the license file to bypass most of the steps in the software authorization process.


    After converting Named User licenses, you need to unassign the same number of ArcGIS Pro licenses from members in your ArcGIS Online organization. As the ArcGIS Online organization administrator, you will be prompted to reconfigure the licenses when you sign in to the organization. You will not be able to take other licensing actions until you unassign licenses as needed. For a grace period of 30 days, all ArcGIS Pro named users will continue to be able to sign in and use ArcGIS Pro. After 30 days, if the necessary licenses have not been unassigned, all Named User licenses will be disabled until the correction is made.

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