On-Premises virtualization

Using ArcGIS Pro in on-premises virtualization environments is very common. ArcGIS Pro provides unparalleled geospatial functionality with a dynamic user experience that provides smooth panning and zooming of detailed 2D and 3D data. To deliver this capability, the virtualization environment must support either shared, or virtual, graphics processing units (GPUs) or pass-through GPUs.

This is accomplished with virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) VMs. The most commonly used VDI environments provided by VMWare and Citrix use NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology to deliver GPU resources into the VM. This allows ArcGIS Pro to provide the same graphical experience as a physical workstation.

Citrix XenApp is not a recommended application-virtualization solution due to its inability to provide adequate GPU resources to ArcGIS Pro sessions.

The rest of the topics in the On-Premises virtualization section of the help—VMWare Horizon View on-premises VDI and Citrix on-premises VDI overview—describe what is required to configure VMWare and Citrix VDI environments to support ArcGIS Pro.

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