ArcGIS Pro on Microsoft Azure Cloud

ArcGIS Pro can be used with various GPU-enabled cloud-hosted virtual machines (VMs). Azure offerings that can be used with ArcGIS Pro include the following:

These Azure virtual machines offer flexibility to support various use cases so you can allocate the needed resources, such as vCPU, RAM, and GPU. Azure virtual machines can be given the minimum specifications, however; the size can be increased within the Azure set increments. For example, NC4as_T4_v3 can be moved up to the NC8as_T4_v3, giving the VM more CPU and RAM, along with the NVIDIA T4 GPU that is allocated to the VM type.

ArcGIS Pro with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has a product called Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). AVD is a service that delivers virtual desktops and published applications from the Azure cloud.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a desktop and application virtualization service offering full Microsoft Windows desktops as well as individual applications. AVD as a hosted service allows you to deliver a full Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktop experience that is powered by the Azure-hosted VMs. ArcGIS Pro can leverage Windows 10 and Windows 11 multisession VMs, providing additional flexibility and greater return on investment. It is necessary to allocate the appropriate VM types to give each user enough resources such as GPU, CPU, and RAM. Always consider the number of connections and limit the simultaneous user access to each VM to avoid oversaturation, and hindering performance.

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