ArcGIS Pro on Microsoft Azure Cloud

ArcGIS Pro can be used from a cloud environment with Microsoft Azure NV series instances. The NV series instance delivers the important graphics capability of an NVIDIA M60 GPU. The M60 GPU is a pass-through to the instance, not a resource shared with other instances. This means the instance has the full capability of the GPU, making it possible to render rich 3D graphics and animation from ArcGIS Pro.

The NV series VM comes in three sizes. The NV6 has one M60 GPU, NV12 has two M60s, and the NV24 has four M60s. To successfully use ArcGIS Pro from Azure, ArcGIS Pro only needs 1 GPU, so the NV6 will work.

For additional information related to the options and features offered by Azure, see the following resources:

Selecting a system

Assuming you have a Microsoft Azure account, you can select a VM and set it up.

  1. Log in to the Azure Dashboard.
  2. Click Virtual Machines to add a new VM. Keep the following information in mind:

    • NV series VMs currently have several options to deploy a rich ArcGIS Pro experience. The NV6 delivers effective performance for ArcGIS Pro 3D projects.
    • Microsoft RDP can be used to connect to ArcGIS Pro with Azure N Series instances. Microsoft RDP offers a capable remote display protocol when combined and used with Azure hosted systems.
    • The Teradici Cloud Access software can be used for connecting to the Azure NV series instance. Cloud Access uses the PCoIP technology as the remote display protocol. This requires the VM to have an agent installed and accessing workstations to have clients installed.

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