Network analysis layer location settings

Settings for controlling a network analysis layer's locating behavior are on the Locations page of the layer's properties.

Ignore invalid locations

Use Ignore invalid locations at solve time to specify whether invalid input locations will be ignored. Typically, locations are invalid if they cannot be located on the network. When invalid locations are ignored, the solver skips them and attempts to perform the analysis using the remaining locations.

For VRP analysis, this parameter only applies to the Orders location. All other locations must be valid or the solve may fail.

You can enable or disable this property before running the analysis on any of your network analysis layers. To access the property, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the network analysis layer in the Contents pane to enable its corresponding ribbon options.
  2. Click the network analysis tab, for example, Service Area.
  3. Click the launcher button in the Input Data section.
    Launcher button in the Input Data section

    The Layer Properties dialog box appears with the Locations page selected.

    Layer Properties dialog box in the network analysis layer with the Locations page selected
  4. Check or uncheck the Ignore invalid locations at solve time property.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

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