Remove unsupported evaluators

A network dataset may include a network attribute configured to use an evaluator that is not supported in the current version of ArcGIS Pro, particularly in the following situations:

  • The network was created in a later version of ArcGIS Pro using newer functionality not available in the current version.
  • The network was created in ArcGIS Desktop and configured with a custom evaluator created using the ArcObjects SDK. These custom evaluators are not supported in ArcGIS Pro.

You can use one of these networks for analysis as long as the analysis does not use the attribute configured with the unsupported evaluator. However, the network dataset properties are not editable, and the network cannot be rebuilt. To edit the network dataset, you must first remove the unsupported evaluator assignments.

Remove unsupported evaluator assignments from a network dataset

Complete the following steps to remove unsupported evaluator assignments:

  1. Open the Network Dataset Properties dialog box.
  2. Select Travel Attributes and click the Costs tab.

    A warning message at the top of the dialog box indicates that the network includes unsupported evaluators.

  3. Inspect the Evaluators data grid to identify which attributes use an unsupported evaluator.

    To store a record of the network dataset's full configuration before making changes, use the Copy Summary button in the Summary section on the General page of the Network Dataset Properties dialog box.

    The value in the Type column in the Evaluators data grid is Unsupported if an unsupported evaluator is in use.

  4. If no unsupported evaluators were found in the previous step, review the network's restriction and descriptor attributes.
  5. Click the Unassign unsupported evaluators button on the warning message at the top of the dialog box.

    All network attribute assignments with an evaluator type of Unsupported are reset to the network dataset's default evaluator assignment.

  6. Click OK to close the Network Dataset Properties dialog box.

    The changes to the evaluator assignments are saved.

  7. Reopen the Network Dataset Properties dialog box.

    The network dataset properties are now editable.

  8. Find the attributes that previously had unsupported evaluator assignments and make any necessary changes to them.