ArcGIS Pro 3.0 requirements for SQLite

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ArcGIS Pro can access SQLite databases and OGC GeoPackage files and supports connections to mobile geodatabases.

Minimum supported database versions

The following versions of SQLite are supported with ArcGIS. The versions listed indicate the minimum minor and patch versions supported and certified for each supported major release of SQLite. For example, in the case of version 3.31.1, 3 is the major version, 31 is the minor version, and 1 is the patch. Newer minor and patch versions are supported but are not certified.

SQLite 3.14.1

SQLite 3.16.2

SQLite 3.19.3

SQLite 3.20.0

SQLite 3.22.0

SQLite 3.26.0

SQLite 3.28.0

SQLite 3.31.1

SQLite 3.32.3

SQLite 3.34.0

SQLite 3.34.1

SQLite 3.35.1

SQLite 3.36.0

SQLite 3.37.0

SQLite 3.38.2

Supported add-ons

The following versions are supported with ArcGIS:

OGC GeoPackage 1.1 through and including 1.3

SpatiaLite 4.0.0

Database requirements/limitations

The following database requirements and limitations apply:

  • SQLite database files must have a .sqlite extension to be recognized by ArcGIS.
  • GeoPackage files must have a .gpkg extension to be recognized by ArcGIS.
  • You cannot create a geodatabase in an existing SQLite database. However, you can create a mobile geodatabase, which will create both the geodatabase and the SQLite database in which it is stored.
  • You cannot publish web services that reference registered data from an SQLite database, GeoPackage file, or mobile geodatabase.

Platform support

The following platforms are supported:

  • All platforms supported by ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro
  • All platforms supported by ArcGIS Runtime SDK
  • All platforms supported by ArcGIS Enterprise

Cloud support

See Requirements for using ArcGIS with databases in the cloud for information on support for database services and databases deployed in the cloud.