Connected and disconnected replication

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

Geodatabase replication works in both connected and disconnected environments.

With connected replication, replica geodatabases are connected by computer networks (wired or wireless).

Connected replication overview
Connected replication

This can be either of the following:

  • Always connected—The replica geodatabases are accessible on the network at all times.
  • Intermittently connected—The replicas are only occasionally accessible over the same network. Replica creation and synchronization can be performed when both replica geodatabases are on the network.

Disconnected replication occurs when the replica geodatabases are not connected by any computer network.

Disconnected replication overview
Disconnected replication

Disconnected replication allows you to perform the same replication procedures that you can accomplish while connected. The only difference with disconnected replication is that you manually exchange data-change messages between the replica pairs.

The replica creation process and synchronization can all be performed in either a connected or a disconnected environment.