Process gallery

The Process gallery contains some of most commonly used functions. It is a subset of the entire suite of raster functions that ArcGIS Pro offers, but these process functions are set up for quick access and analysis.

The functions in the Process gallery will not open any user interface. If you have a raster layer selected in the Contents pane and click on one of the functions in Process gallery, it will automatically apply the function on the raster layer.

The functions in the gallery will only be enabled when the correct number of inputs are selected. For example, the Clip function only requires one input so it is enabled once you select a layer in the Contents pane. The Difference function requires two rasters to be selected, so it will only be enabled when two raster layers are selected in the Contents pane.

Once a function is selected from the gallery it will remain as the default function for the split button. If you are performing the same function over and over again, you won't have to open the gallery each time you want to perform the function.

Functions in the Process Gallery



Clips the input to the viewing extent.

This tool uses the Clip function with the Outside clip type.



Removes the portion of the image within the viewing extent.

This tool uses the Clip function with the Inside clip type.



Subtracts the value of the second input raster from the value of the first input raster on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The order of selection in the Contents pane defines the order of inputs.

This tool uses the Minus function.



Combines multiple datasets into one multiband raster.

This tool uses the Composite Bands function.

Mosaic Rasters


Stitches a set of raster datasets together to create one dataset.

This tool uses the Mosaic Rasters function.

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