Edit Indoors launch actions

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

You can use the Edit Indoors Launch Action wizard to edit launch actions from the Configure Indoors Launch Actions pane in ArcGIS Pro. You can edit launch actions in a map before sharing it with your ArcGIS organization or in a published web map. Editing launch actions is supported for feature layers and map image layers. You can also edit launch actions when configuring an Indoor Viewer app.

The wizard is contextually driven by the active map and displays a list of available layers and categories based on the map. Changing the active map while the wizard is open resets the wizard parameters and reverts any changes you made to the launch action.

If any layers for which a launch action was configured have been removed, you must repair the layer connection before you can save edits to the launch action. To repair a layer connection, click the Repair Broken Data Source button Repair Broken Data Source and choose the layer you want to connect.

Complete the following steps to edit a launch action in ArcGIS Pro:

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open or create a map that contains Indoors launch actions.
  3. Click the View tab.
  4. In the Windows group, click the Indoors drop-down arrow and click Configure Indoors Launch Actions Configure Indoors Launch Actions.

    The Configure Indoors Launch Actions pane appears.

  5. Right-click the launch action you want to edit and click Edit.

    The Edit Indoors Launch Action wizard appears.

  6. Make the necessary edits.
  7. Click Apply to update the launch action.

    If a change is made to a launch action that makes it invalid, the Apply button is unavailable.


    You can click Back to close the wizard without updating the launch action.

  8. Save the project. If you are making edits to launch actions in a published web map, click Save Web Map on the Share tab and save the changes to the web map.