Open a stored network diagram

At any time, you can open stored diagrams you own as well as diagrams other users have stored in the database as public or protected diagrams.

To open a stored diagram using the Find Diagrams pane, complete the following steps:


This workflow can be executed from either a utility network or trace network in a file geodatabase, a database connection to a utility network or trace network in an enterprise geodatabase, or a utility network or trace network service.

When working with a utility network service, see Working with historical moments to open a stored network diagram at a particular moment in the past.

  1. Activate a map view in your project that references either the utility network service layer, the network layer, or any network diagram related to the utility or trace network you are interested in.
  2. Click the network layer or network diagram layer in the Contents pane so the Utility Network or Trace Network tab set, or Network Diagram tab becomes available.
  3. Review the configurations currently set in the General section of the network diagram options in the context of the workflow you want to execute on the stored diagram to be opened, and optionally, check the Open diagrams with all diagram template sublayers option.
  4. Click Find either on the Data tab of the Utility Network or Trace Network tab set or on the Network Diagram tab.

    The Find Diagrams pane appears. As explained in Search for network diagrams in the database, the Find Diagrams pane offers various functions to refine diagram searches. For example, you can search for diagrams that contain particular network features or those that have been generated during a specific period.

  5. Set the pane options you need. For example, zoom to the part of the map covered by the diagrams you want to open, and make sure the Cover parts of the active map extent option is checked.
  6. Click Refresh Diagram List Refresh Diagram List at the bottom of the list to refresh the diagram list accordingly.
  7. Click the diagram item you are interested in so it is checked in the list, and click the Add To A New Diagram Map button Add To A New Diagram Map at the bottom of the pane.

    You can open only one diagram at a timeā€”the Add To A New Diagram Map button is unavailable when you have several diagram items selected in the list.

The selected diagram appears in a new diagram map view, and the name reflects the diagram name.