Use WMTS services

Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) services can be used in ArcGIS Pro as map layers. The following are common tasks for working with WMTS service layers.

To learn about creating a WMTS service, view the ArcGIS Server documentation. To learn how to add a WMTS service to your project, see Add WMTS services.

View a WMTS service layer in the Contents pane

WMTS services are pregenerated images stored as small tiles covering the entire map extent and for multiple scales. These services do not have a legend and do not allow you to turn individual sublayers on or off inside the map service layer.

Get information about the WMTS service layer

Information about the WMTS service layer is available on the service layer's Source tab. To access the Source tab, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the service layer in the Contents pane.
  • Right-click the service layer and click Properties.

The Source tab contains information regarding the WMTS service URL, file (image) format, DPI, cache scales, and coordinate system of the service.

The Metadata tab displays information about the layer, derived from the service. The following table outlines how these service properties appear in the dialog box.

WMTS propertyCorresponding metadata fieldDescription



The title of the WMTS service



A list of keywords or keyword phrases describing the WMTS service that aid in catalog searching



A narrative description that provides additional information about the WMTS service

Access Constraints

Use Limitations

Text describing the restrictions and legal prerequisites for accessing and using the WMTS service

You can add your own metadata to the layer by changing the drop down menu at the top of this tab from Show metadata from data source (read-only) to Layer has its own metadata. Enter the metadata into the relevant fields and click Apply or OK.

Change the WMTS service layer configuration

The WMTS service layer supports updating its configuration on the WMTS tab on the Layer Properties dialog box. To access the WMTS tab, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the service layer in the Contents pane.
  • Right-click the service layer, and click Properties.

The WMTS service layer supports style, tiling scheme, and dimensions configuration properties.

  • Style—Lists all available representations of the map
  • Tiling scheme—Lists the WMTS tile matrix sets, which contain information regarding the coordinate system, map scales, extent, tile size, and tile matrix size
  • Dimensions—Lists the available dimensions if the WMTS service is a multidimensional tile service. For example, a multidimensional WMTS service may contain tiles generated for each value of a dimension, such as time or elevation. If a dimension value is not listed, you can type the value manually. If the dimension includes a time extent and duration value, the list displays the first 2,000 values in the extent.

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