Concepts and operations

Various tools and operations are included with a utility network to help manage subnetworks.

  • Set a subnetwork controller—Use the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane to create a subnetwork and write a new row to the Subnetworks table.
  • Validate a network topology—Modified features are updated in the network topology and the subnetwork is marked as dirty.
  • Update a subnetwork—To clean a dirty subnetwork, the Update Subnetwork tool is used to refresh subnetwork information on features.
  • Modify a subnetwork—The Modify Subnetwork Controller pane also allows you to change the name of a subnetwork or remove an existing subnetwork controller from the subnetwork.
  • Identify isolated features—The Update Is Connected geoprocessing tool can be used to identify isolated network features and objects by maintaining information about their connectivity to subnetwork controllers.
  • Find a subnetwork—The Find Subnetwork pane is used to locate a subnetwork of interest.
  • Import subnetwork information—Information about which terminal on a network feature is a subnetwork controller can be imported into a utility network through a .csv file.
  • Export subnetwork information—Information about subnetworks and subnetwork controllers can be exported from a utility network through a .json file.