Calibrate a selected route

The Calibrate Route tool Calibrate Route recalculates route measures using two or more specified calibration points. You can calibrate whole or partial routes and interpolate the calibration points, extrapolate before or after the calibration points, or use any combination of these methods.

This tool is available in the Modify Features pane. All points are assumed to fall on top of the selected route. After calibrating a route, you must manually type the new measure value for each point in the geometric properties table.

To create a route from selected line features, use the Make Route tool.

To calibrate a route, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Edit tab, choose your snapping preferences, and show the Modify Features pane.
    1. In the Snapping group, click the Snapping drop-down menu List By Snapping and enable your snapping preferences.
    2. In the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.
  2. In the pane, expand Route, and click Calibrate Route Calibrate Route.
    • To exit the tool, press Esc.
    • To preview the calibrated route on the map before you create it, check Show Preview.
    Calibrate Route Show Preview check box
  3. Click Select Active Select, and select the route feature.
    • To refine the selection, right-click a feature in the tree view, and click Unselect Clear Selected or Only Select This List By Selection.
      Context menu

    Hover over the selected route to inspect m-values.

  4. Click Add Calibration Points and click a minimum of two points along the route in sequential order; for example, click them in a route-increasing or route-decreasing order.
  5. Choose a method by which the measure m-values are to be calibrated.
    • Distance Distance—Measures are recalculated using the shortest path distance between the calibration points.
    • Existing Measures Existing measures—Measures are recalculated using the preexisting measure distance between the calibration points.
  6. Choose optional settings:
    • Interpolate between points—Interpolates the values between the calibration points.
    • Extrapolate at the beginning—Extrapolates before the calibration points.
    • Extrapolate at the end—Extrapolates after the calibration points.
    • Ignore spatial gaps—Measure values are recalculated as continuous for disjointed routes.

      This option is only available with the Distance method.

  7. In the feature attribute grid, type the new measure values for each calibration point.
  8. Click Calibrate Route.

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