Configure on-screen constraints

On-screen Constraints Constraints prompt you to enter direction and distance values as you draw line and polygon segments. You can configure the direction constraint and specify which constraint receives the initial focus.


On-screen constraints also prompt for a rotation angle with the Rotate tool.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab. In the Manage Edits group, click Settings Settings.

    The Editor Settings dialog box appears.

  2. On the Editor Settings dialog box, click the Constraints tab and expand On-screen constraints.
    On-screen Constraints

    For quick access to direction and input mode settings, hover over the Constraints button Constraints on the status bar,

    Status bar

  3. Check the Show on-screen constraints in the map check box. This shows the on-screen input controls when you create feature geometry or rotate a feature.

    To turn off on-screen constraints, uncheck this setting.

  4. Choose how the values entered in the direction constraint are measured.


    Apply entered values as deflection angles measured from the previous segment.


    Apply entered values as absolute angles using the coordinate system assigned to the map.

  5. Choose which constraint receives the initial focus when you press Enter and enter a value.
    • Direction
    • Distance
  6. Click OK.