Constrain a segment to the vertical axis

The Vertical command Vertical constrains the pointer vertical to the z-axis of a scene as you draw a z-aware polyline segment.

To constrain a segment vertical to the vertical axis, complete the following steps:

  1. Add your data and configure settings for editing.

    Confirm that the feature layer you are editing is editable, the coordinate system assigned to the active map is suitable for the type of edits you're performing, and snapping is configured to help you work efficiently and accurately.

  2. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab. In the Features group, click Create Create Features.

    The Create Features pane appears.

  3. In the Create Features pane, click a z-aware polyline feature template, and click the Line tool Line.
  4. Click the scene to create a vertex.

    Alternatively, right-click, click Absolute X,Y,Z Move To, and type the coordinate location.

  5. Right-click the scene and click Vertical Vertical.

    To remove the constraint, press Esc.

    The pointer is constrained to the z-axis of the scene.

  6. Click the map to create a second vertex and complete the segment.
  7. Continue adding segments, click Finish Finish on the construction toolbar, or press F2.

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