Copy feature templates

The Copy Templates command Copy Templates copies feature templates from a source map to a destination map. You can choose to replace or skip existing templates in the destination map that have matching names. This command is available when you right-click a map in the Manage Templates pane.

When you copy feature templates, consider the following:

  • Feature templates with unique names in the source map are copied to matching layers and group layers in the destination map.
  • Feature templates with broken data sources are not copied.

To copy feature templates, complete the following steps:

  1. On the ribbon Edit tab, click Manage Templates Manage Templates in the Manage Edits group.

    The Manage Templates pane appears.

  2. Right-click the map containing the source templates in the layer tree view and click Copy Templates Copy Templates.

    The Copy Templates dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Choose the target map drop-down arrow and choose the destination map.

    The source feature templates to be copied appear in the Layer Matching view.

  4. In the Handle duplicate templates section, choose one of the following options:


    Copy feature templates with unique names to the destination map, and do not replace templates with matching names.

    Overwrite in Target

    Copy feature templates with unique names to the destination map, and replace templates with matching names.


    These options are available only when duplicate template names exist between the source and destination maps.

  5. In the Layer Matching view, review the feature templates to be copied.

    Layers in the source map that do not have feature templates do not appear in this view.

  6. Click Copy

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