Create a complex route by merging

The Merge tool Merge shows an optional setting to preserve polyline m-aware features that intersect or share coincident paths, making it possible to create a complex route feature from two or more simple routes. This tool is available in the Modify Features pane.

To create a complex route by merging existing simple routes, complete the following steps. In some scenarios you will need to recalibrate the measure values.

  1. If the route features do not exist, add them to your map or create the routes from existing line features using the Make Route tool Make Route.
  2. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.
  3. In the pane, expand Construct and click Merge Merge.
    • To exit the tool, press Esc.
  4. Click the Existing Feature tab.
  5. Click Select Select and select the simple route features.
    • To narrow the selection to features on the same layer, click the Layer arrow and choose the layer.
    • To remove a feature from the selection, click the Delete button Delete in the Features to Merge section.
  6. Check Preserve overlapping segments.

    Preserve overlapping segments

  7. Click Merge.

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