Create a fillet arc between two segments

The Fillet tool Fillet reshapes a selected corner of a polyline or polygon feature with a tangent circular arc. You can specify the radius by moving the pointer or entering a fixed numeric value. This tool is available in the Modify Features pane and does not require a selection.

When you use this tool, consider the following:

  • A preview of the fillet arc appears as a dashed line after clicking two segments.
  • If Ground To Grid corrections Ground to Grid Correction are turned on, a fixed radius value entered in the tool is scaled by the current distance factor.

To reshape an existing polyline or polygon corner with a fillet arc, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Contents pane, confirm that the layers can be edited and are visible.

    Confirm that the feature layer you are editing is editable, the coordinate system assigned to the active map is suitable for the type of edits you're performing, and snapping is configured to help you work efficiently and accurately.

  2. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab. In the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.
  3. In the Modify Features pane, click Fillet Fillet.

    To find the tool, expand Reshape, or type Fillet in the Search text box.

    To exit the tool, press Esc.
  4. Check or uncheck the Fixed Radius check box.


    Specify a numeric radial distance. Click the text box and enter a radius value.


    Specify a radius by moving the pointer.

  5. Click the first segment from which to start the tangent circular arc.

    The selected segment highlights with a continuous line.

  6. Click the adjacent segment to which you want to connect the arc.

    The selected segment highlights with a continuous line.

  7. To specify the radius using the pointer, move the pointer until the dashed line preview shows the correct radius.

    If the Fixed Radius check box is checked, the dashed line preview shows the radius for the current value entered in the fixed radius text box.

  8. Click the map to reshape the selected segments with a fillet arc.

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