Offset (Line)

The Offset builder Offset at start of line creates a point feature that is specified with a template parameter and starts a sketched primary line feature at a specified offset distance.

When using the group template, the first click creates the point feature and displays the offset as a temporary dashed circle. The second click creates the first vertex for the line on the temporary dashed circle. When the sketch is finished, the dashed circle is removed from the map.

This builder is available to primary feature templates that create line features when a group template is configured with the following settings:

  • The primary template creates line features.
  • The group template toolset on the Tools side tab is set to Line tools.


If the features created by the group template are members of a utility network, a connectivity association record is created between the first point feature and the primary template line feature.



Choose a feature template

The point feature template used to generate a point feature at the first point location sketched in a map.



The offset distance measured as a radial distance around the first point location created the map. The default distance is zero.



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