Specify an x,y,z location relative to the previous vertex

The Delta X,Y,Z command Move places a vertex at a specified x,y,z coordinate location measured from the last vertex. A z-value can be specified if the feature is z-aware. This command is available if you are actively creating a feature and right-click the active map or scene.

When you specify a delta x,y,z location, consider the following:

To place a vertex at an x,y,z location relative to the previous vertex, complete the following steps:

  1. Click a feature template in the Create Features pane that creates a line or polygon feature.
  2. Click the active map and create at least one vertex.

    Alternatively, right-click the map, click Absolute X,Y,Z Move To, and provide a coordinate location.

  3. Right-click the map and click Delta X,Y,Z Move.

    The Delta X,Y,Z dialog box appears.

  4. Choose a units format, type the x,y,z coordinates relative to the previous vertex, and press Enter.
    Delta X,Y,Z
  5. Continue sketching the feature, or click Finish Finish or press F2 if you're finished.

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