Introduction to a bookmark map series

A bookmark map series is a collection of pages built from a single layout in which the map frame on each page is updated to reflect a different view of the map. You build a bookmark map series by iterating through a list of selected bookmarks, creating a page for each bookmark. The map or scene extent for each page is the extent of each bookmark.

Both dynamic and static elements can be used in a bookmark map series. The static elements on the layout remain constant for each page in the map series. The dynamic elements, such as the map frame in the series, update for each page. Other examples of dynamic elements include table frames, legends, and scale bars. For more information about using dynamic elements in a bookmark map series, see Bookmark map series and dynamic elements. Once you create a bookmark map series, it can be exported as a single PDF or as multiple files, one for each page.

The following video shows how to make a bookmark map series.

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Benefits of a bookmark map series

There are many reasons to create a bookmark map series. You may need to create multiple layouts at various extents. For example, the first page of a bookmark map series may show a continent, the next page a country in that continent, the next page a city in that country, and the last page a particular neighborhood in that city.

A bookmark map series supports options that are not available in a spatial map series. For example, a spatial map series cannot be based on a scene. Time and range data properties are also not supported in a spatial map series. All of these options are supported in a bookmark map series.

Bookmark properties

A bookmark map series takes advantage of the properties and flexibility of bookmarks. A bookmark map series can use any bookmark in the project, even if the bookmark isn't associated with the current map or scene. The bookmarks in the map series, and their order, are chosen when you create a bookmark map series and can be updated later. Changes you make to the bookmark name, description, extent, or other properties in the Bookmarks pane are reflected in the map series. Because bookmarks support time and range, a bookmark map series can also include map extents with different time and range settings.

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