Create a thematic map series

A thematic map series is a layout that comprises a set of output pages generated by iterating through each sublayer in a radio group layer. The extent of the map on each page is the same, but the visible sublayer of the group layer differs. One page is created for every sublayer with only that sublayer visible and all others are turned off. Layers that aren't in the radio group layer are visible on all pages.

Create a thematic map series by choosing a radio group layer in a map frame on the layout. Once you create the map series, you can update the radio group layer, and the map series reflects those changes.

Build a thematic map series

Creating a thematic map series requires an existing layout containing a map frame with a radio group layer. This is the map frame that updates for each page in the series. This layout can also contain additional layout elements such as text or a scale bar.

To create a thematic map series, complete the following steps:

  1. Open a layout that contains at least one map frame with a radio group layer.
  2. If the layout has multiple map frames, choose the map frame to use for the map series.
  3. On the Insert tab, click the lower half of the Map Series split button List Map Series Pages and click Thematic Thematic map series.
  4. Ensure that the Map frame value contains the map frame you want updated on each page.
  5. Set the Radio group layer to the group layer you want used in the map series.

    Each sublayer in this radio group layer becomes one page in the map series. The map series page name is the same as the sublayer name. Only one sublayer is visible on each page; all other sublayers are turned off. Layers not in the group layer are visible on all pages.

  6. Optionally, update the First page value to set the first numbered page in the map series to a value other than one.
  7. Click OK to create the map series. You can then navigate through the map series pages to see how each looks.

Edit a thematic map series

Once a thematic map series has been created, you can edit it in a variety of ways.

Edit the map series properties

Any of the map series options set when creating the map series can be adjusted later. To make changes, complete the following steps:

  1. Right-click the layout name in the Contents pane to open the context menu.
  2. Click the Properties button Properties to open the Layout Properties window.
  3. On the Map Series tab, adjust the properties for the thematic map series.

Adjust the map extent

In a thematic map series, the map extent is the same for all the pages. If you change the extent of the map frame on one page, all other pages automatically adjust to reflect the new extent. There are many ways to adjust the extent of a map frame; learn about them in the Work with a map on a layout help topic.

Edit the displayed layers

To change the layers displayed on a thematic map series page, update the radio group sublayer for that page. Radio group sublayers can contain group layers within them. Members of any group layers within the subgroup are displayed on the subgroup's map series page, so multiple layers can be displayed on a single page. See Work with group layers for additional information on how to add, remove, and reorder items in a group layer.

To change the layers displayed on every page, work with layers outside of the radio group layer driving the map series. Changes such as adding, removing, reordering, or changing the symbology of layers not in the radio group layer are reflected on every page. If a layer is in all your sublayers, consider pulling it outside of the radio group layer so that changes to that layer are automatically applied to every page.


If your changes do not appear right away, you may need to refresh your map series.

Add or delete pages

To add pages to a thematic map series, add more sublayers to the radio group layer. To remove pages from the thematic map series, remove the sublayer from the radio group layer.

If you remove all the sublayers from a radio group layer, change the radio group layer to a check box group layer, or delete the radio group layer, the thematic map series is removed automatically. A thematic map series cannot exist without sublayers in a radio group layer.

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