Keyboard shortcuts for working on the layout

Keyboard shortcuts can help you save time and be more productive when working on a layout. In most cases, the layout view must have keyboard focus (be the active window) to use the shortcuts. The shortcuts listed here are specific to the layout view, however, shortcuts for the Contents pane are also available when working with layouts.

Select on the layout

Use keyboard shortcuts to make selections.

Keyboard shortcutAction


Select all the elements on the page.


Deselect all the elements on the page.

Shift+Down arrow key or Shift+Up arrow key

Continuously select elements.

Elements are deselected if you switch arrow keys while pressing Shift.

Keyboard shortcuts for selecting and deselecting elements on the page

Edit on the layout

Use keyboard shortcuts to work with elements on the page. Most of these shortcuts require a selection first.

Keyboard shortcutAction


Delete the selected elements.


Copy the selected elements.


Cut the selected elements.


Paste the contents of the clipboard to the page.

Ctrl and drag

Immediately copy the selected elements to the layout without a paste command.


Group the selected elements.


Ungroup the selected group.


Switch the visibility of the selected elements.

Shift+Up arrow key, Shift+Down arrow key, Shift+Left arrow key, or Shift+Right arrow key

Nudge the selected elements 5 points.

Ctrl+Up arrow key, Ctrl+Down arrow key, Ctrl+Left arrow key, or Ctrl+Right arrow key

Nudge the selected elements .5 points.

Keyboard shortcuts for interacting with elements on the page

Navigate the page

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the page.

Keyboard shortcutAction

Up arrow key, Down arrow key, Left arrow key, or Right arrow key

Pan in the direction of the arrow key.


Zoom to the full page.

Hyphen (-)

Zoom out.

Equals sign (=)

Zoom in.

Shift and right-click

Zoom box.


Override the active tool with the Explore tool.




Zoom out incrementally.


Zoom continuously.

Comma (,)

Go to the previous extent.

Period (.)

Go to the next extent.


Zoom and pan on the layout while a map frame is active.

Keyboard shortcuts for navigating the page


When a map frame is active on a layout, you can use the keyboard shortcuts for navigation to navigate on the map.