Update interactive cut and fill properties

While most cut and fill properties can be updated directly in a scene by interacting with a selected object, you can also use the Properties tab of the Exploratory Analysis pane.

Select a cut and fill to update

To modify the properties of a cut and fill object, it must first be selected. Select a single cut and fill either by clicking the centroid point in the view or by using the following selection controls on the Properties tab:

  • Select Next Select Next—Cycle the selection forward through the existing cut and fill objects in the scene. When a cut and fill is selected, you can update its properties.

  • Select Previous Select Previous—Cycle the selection in reverse order through the existing cut and fill objects.

  • Select All—All cut and fill objects in the active scene are selected. Changes to property values are applied to all cut and fill objects.

  • Delete Delete—The selected cut and fill is removed from the scene and the next cut and fill is selected.

Clear a selection by clicking away from the cut and fill objects in the scene, ensuring the creation method tool is still active.

Update an interactive cut and fill using the selection handles

When a cut and fill is selected, an overlay appears that controls which interactive handles are visible. Click the Move Plane button Move Plane to display the positioning circle. Click the Rotate Plane button Rotate Plane to display the rotation rings. Use the Delete Plane button Delete Plane to remove the object from the scene.

You can change the following properties for a cut and fill:

  • Drag the positioning circle for the centroid point to a new location, updating the x- and y-values.
  • Drag the centroid's vertical green arrow handle to adjust its elevation (z-value).
  • Type a new z-value in the overlay. The view updates automatically.
  • Rotate the dark red horizontal ring to change the bearing of the tilt axis.
  • Rotate the bright red vertical ring to tilt the shape along the bearing.

The centroid point honors the option to navigate below ground for the scene. Therefore, to move control points below the ground elevation surface, you must enable this capability. Select the elevation surface in the Contents pane, and on the Elevation Surface Layer tab in the Surface group, check the Navigate Underground option. This property applies a 2-meter offset from the ground to ensure the point remains above ground when the scene changes the ground surface level of detail.

Update an interactive cut and fill using the Properties tab

Use the Properties tab in the Exploratory Analysis pane to iteratively select through your analysis objects; type any necessary modifications; or click Delete Delete to remove an object. To clear a selection, click away from the object in the view.

Global properties

Global properties affect the appearance of all existing cut and fill objects and any future cut and fill objects created. Expand the Global Properties heading to modify the color of the wireframe and cut and fill coloring. At any time, Restore Defaults can be used to return all global properties to their default values.


Wireframe Color

The color of the wireframe overlay that surrounds the cut and fill area

Wireframe Fill

The color filling the wireframe


The color representing the ground that must be removed


The color representing the ground that must be filled

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